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The Statue of Liberty in front of the silhouette of New York City in the US.

New York City

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Coat of Arms of New York City

Places We Have Been To

… is a collection of beautifully illustrated posters showing cities, sights, palaces, and monuments around the world.

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Schloss Muskau in Muskau Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bad Muskau, Saxony.
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November 6, 2023 Philipp J. Conrad

Prince Pückler’s Gardens

Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau was a German nobleman, author, bon vivant, world traveller and garden designer. His interest in gardens and landscape design was aroused as a young man.

Did you know …

Did you know, that the heaviest red deer antler in the world is shown in the dining hall of Moritzburg Castle? – Moritzburg
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